Prepare to Play Pro: Male & Female Players Aged 14-24+

This program is designed for our most talented performers who have successfully completed benchmark physical testing and proven themselves capable of pursuing  training and playing opportunities overseas. The majority of these players will come from our Elite International Program or have attended our international Player ID Camps.

In the last few years our players have been provided with opportunities to train at Fleetwood Town, Glasgow Rangers, FC Porto, Wolverhampton Wanderers, RCD Espanyol, Malaga, West Ham, Stoke City, Chievo Verona and FC Porto. These training experiences has led to players signing for professional clubs in UK, Spain, Portugal and for the Toronto FC academy.


With Canada and the US hosting the 2026 World Cup and a new professional league being launched in Canada in 2019, there are more opportunities now available to young North American players and the most talented players will be the one’s selected. We strongly believe that gaining international training and playing experiences will greatly accelerate the player development process of young North American players and allow them to pursue the best playing opportunities both at home and overseas.

However, many players in North America seek professional playing opportunities in Europe without fully understanding what their performance level requirements are.   This limits the chances of being successful.

Players seeking these opportunities need to understand 4 things:

1) What are the technical and physical demands of professional football (by their age/position) ?
2) What are their own current performance levels?
3) What the performance gap is? 
4) What are the action steps that they need to be put in place to reduce the gap? 
I do not work with any players unless they complete an online assessment for $99+HST ( 1 technical test, 1 physical test). This provides them with benchmark feedback on how they currently rank versus the requirements of the professional positions that they are seeking.
This initial assessment also provides metrics such as the average distance covered, spring distances and maximum speeds that players must attain to play in Europe. These requirements differ depending on the leagues, positions played and age. 
A more comprehensive assessment is $149.00+HST for 4 physical tests + 4 technical tests (that will compare them to academy players in UK). 
Once players have the assessments they can then decide if they wish to work with me on a monthly basis online to prepare for trial opportunities such as those above.  


(1) Benchmark Testing (Physical & Technical) based on professional players at European clubs 

(2) Analysis of  gap between European playing standards and your current performance levels 

(3) Recommended Individual Learning Plan to reduce this gap

(4) Placement overseas to gain training & playing experiences at European professional club academies 

(5) Placement in trial opportunities at Pro Clubs (based on ability level)

Players in this program are expected to attend our international player ID camps with top professional clubs and continue to work on their performance levels so that they can achieve success within a European academy environment 

  • Option of additional individual player game analysis & GPS performance tracking