Private 1:1 Coaching

Maximize your potential with Individual 1:1 Performance Coaching 

It is our objective, within the individual 1:1 training program to assess the individual player, develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and provide feedback within the coaching process so they  can maximize their full potential.

Academy players in Europe, including the famous training academy at FC Barcelona typically complete 70 minutes of team training per day.

The majority of their players development is based on the individual work they do or small-group sessions with academy skills coaches.

Players can book 1-2-1 sessions individually or arrange small-sided group sessions with teammates or friends (maximum 4 players/session)   

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching can help young players maximize their potential and achieve their individual soccer goals.

This process is accelerated by working with a performance coach who will focus the coaching process on an individual or small group of players.

A Player Centric Approach to Develop Talented Young Players for the Modern Game

The game of soccer continues to evolve. The game is much quicker and the technical, physical, tactical and mental demands now being placed upon players is much higher than they were in the past. For example, at the top levels of the game, players now cover 50% more distances during games than they did in the mid-1960’s.

Technically, the players of the future will be required to be able to pass with both feet accurately over a variety of distances. First touch control will be a key requirement for players to thrive in tighter and more congested playing areas. In order to retain possession and then beak down more organized defences, players will have to execute technical skills with greater speed and precision.  Those players who are capable of eliminating an opponent through individual play or through combining with teammates will be the most successful in the modern game.

Training Session Structure:

0-15 mins: Ball Mastery

15-30 mins: 1st touch control

30-45 mins: Passing/Receiving or specific positional play

45-60 mins: Technical Skills Challenges