Launch of Elite High Performance Program for Players Looking to Prepare to Play Pro – Limited to 20 players


I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during these challenging times. During the coronavirus I have been guided by three goals:
  • Ensure the safety of our players and their families
  • Provide online coaching support to the players free of charge
  • Maintain regular and open communication with our players and their families

While these are challenging times I also believe that they represent an unprecedented opportunity for North American players to close the performance gap on academy players at professional clubs in Europe. All the professional clubs in Europe are currently closed which provides our young players with a “level playing field”. All players throughout the world are faced with the challenges of maximizing their training time at home and it will be the players with the discipline and dedication to do the “right things” every day who will excel.
During the last few weeks I have secured partnerships with two of the best online training programs in world football. One partner focuses on the foundation phase (players aged 9-12) and it’s online training program is currently being used within 10 professional academies in the UK (including English Premier Club Sheffield United). The second partner specializes in training players within the youth development phase (ages 13-16) and the professional development phase (ages 17-23) and has partnered with ex-professional players and some of the best youth players across clubs in Europe. They have received an award for the best online soccer training APP in world football.
I am launching a NEW HIGH ONLINE PERFORMANCE 12 MONTH PROGRAM with 4 months FREE! 
This program is designed for players fully committed to going “above and beyond” to ultimately secure a position at a professional club in Europe. It will run from April 2020 – April 2021 and players will make NO payments until August 1/2020! 
It will only be open to 10 players (10 in foundation phase Ages 9-12) and (10 in youth development/professional) Ages 13-18+) and  will provide these players with FREE online software from these partners plus online individual coaching support (from myself) that will include one Skype call/month plus regular online coaching support via WhatsApp. 
This new initiative is specifically designed for players who are prepared to train everyday and will 100 % dedicate themselves towards travelling to Europe within the next 12 months and being successful within a professional club environment.
The conditions of this offer are :
  1. I will only be selecting players who can demonstrate their consistent dedication to continuous development at a High Performance Level
  2. The players selected must commit to attending one International ID Camp with one of our professional club partners within the next 12 months
  3. The players selected must commit to travelling over to Europe to train at one of our professional club partners within the next 12 months
  4. All players must sign a 12 month contract for online coaching support with NO fees due until August 1st.  Effective August 1st a monthly fee will be charged of $66/month that will include FREE online software from our NEW partners, ongoing individual coaching support from myself and the opportunity to submit 1 game video/month for game analysis.
I am limiting this offer to only 20 players and providing our regular players (like yourselves) with 1st option. I will be sending out this information to other groups beginning tomorrow and plan on having all positions filled by Monday April 20th.
If you are interested in applying for this opportunity please complete the attached application form – APPLY HERE  . Successful candidates will be notified by Friday April 17th.
Keep pushing and stay safe!