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Like most young boys growing up in Northern Ireland I always wanted to be a professional footballer. By age 14, I was playing in our clubs youth team on Saturday mornings and playing for the mens team in the afternoon. If I wasn’t training or playing I was out playing on the street with my mates or practicing alone. My mother still jokes to this day that there are no family photographs of me without a ball!


Our family moved to Canada when I was 17 but still I kept my dream alive of playing professionally one day. The practicing paid off and in 1985 I travelled back to England to train with Swindon Town. At the time they were managed by former Scottish international player Lou McCari. He was tremendous with me and I went right into training with the first team on day one. Unfortunately, life does not always turn out the way you intend it and after 10 days my dream to play professionally was over. I tore ligaments in my ankle but worse news was to follow . My injuries during the previous 3 years were as a result of a back injury that I had sustained as a teenager. My body would be unable to withstand the physical demands of professional football.

Since then I have been passionate during my coaching career to help ensure that young players in Canada can pursue the same dream that I had. I am very proud to have contributed along the way to helping some players play internationally for their country, being identified by professional clubs in Europe, playing for their province and pursuing US Scholarship opportunities

In 2019, I will be placing 30 players in training and playing opportunities at professional clubs in UK, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Spain. I have the capacity to train another 30 players for these types of opportunities by following a proven model of development:

STEP 1: Identification: Assessment and benchmarking of players based on European Academy Standards

STEP 2: Intensive 3 month training program

STEP 3: Training/ Assessment in Europe and placement for players at professional academies (based on levels of ability)

Contact me today and move your soccer dream one step closer to reality!

Yours in Soccer,

Ian McClurg
UEFA A Licensed Coach & Wolves North American Scout

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