(Marc Campbell- Lead Foundation Coach, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Academy.)

“As an English Category one Academy we are always looking to identify and work with the best players possible, this includes players in Europe and North America. The 1v1 soccer Academy is a superb programme that really helps develop players not only technically and tactically, but also socially as well. The coaching programme that 1v1 delivers allows players to work on aspects that we as a Professional Academy are looking for and we really enjoy working with Ian, his coaching staff and more importantly the players that they currently have within the programme. It is refreshing to see so many players develop through the programme over time and we are looking forward to returning to 1v1 soccer Academy in the summer”.

(Stuart Neely – Head of Football Development at New Zealand Football)

“There are a select few in my humble opinion who take the business of football and football development as seriously and as passionately as my trusted friend and colleague Ian “Cloughie” McClurg, whom I be known for over 15 years. What’s even more important to me, is that he remains committed to his beliefs and goals that have been mapped out for years. The result? It is not winning or losing, it is far more important than that. It is the development of players, coaches and parents and ultimately the game. There is a dying breed of colleagues such as Ian, who step outside of their own backyard and seek new learning opportunities and outcomes. I’m a huge believer of listen, learn and then lead. Ian magnifies this approach from his own personal and professional development, but also through the development of others. A trusted friend and colleague, a dying breed indeed.”

Glenn McClung – Ontario Soccer Association  instructor/Technical Director, Hamilton United

I have known Ian for many years, from the perspective of a coaching colleague, as a parent lucky enough to have both my children involved as players in the 1v1 family, and as a friend.  We have all benefited immensely from our journey with Ian and have been fortunate enough to learn valuable life lessons along the way.

Ian’s dedication and commitment to the game has been remarkable.  Early on, he recognized the importance of developing fundamentally sound technical skills in order to build a solid playing foundation.  He was brave enough to change the existing model and was a pioneer in providing age-specific and age-appropriate training methods.  

He had the courage to strike out on his own, providing meaningful opportunities for players looking to further develop and enhance their game.  He has always had the best interest of the player at heart, clearly demonstrated by his player-centred approach.  His training content and methods are progressive, setting the highest of standards, all neatly aligned with the top academies in the world. Long may he continue his journey.



Mark Roberts

“You have worked hard Ian with a lot of kids who are now reaping the benefits of higher level soccer. Congrats, and thank you for your continued support and efforts to improve soccer in Canada. You are a first class Coach and one that I would always recommend to others. You are light years ahead of others when it comes to development of young players. Keep up the excellent work.”

Pat Malleret

“If you want to see quicker results in your children’s soccer development then I highly recommend Ian McClurg’s 1v1 Academy.  The sport-specific training sessions not only cover the playing aspect of the game but Ian has derived a program whereby players are encouraged to develop at all levels including neurological, nutritional and physical. My son, who will be travelling to Europe next year for try outs with European professional clubs, has been attending 1v1’s small group sessions for the past 18 months and his player development is beyond even what I had hoped for.  With improved agility, co-ordination and strength coupled with Ian’s un-waivering insistence on personal skill development, it is no surprise that my son’s abilities have improved both on the practice and game field.”

 Ben Ratelband

At Ian McClurg’s 1v1 Soccer program, top international coaching qualifications, experience and expertise are blended with respect, creativity and a real focus on developing each young soccer player in a comprehensive and holistic way. Players are provided with firm instruction on the tactical and technical skills needed to be proficient but are also encouraged to be creative, express themselves, learn from mistakes and make their own decisions. As a parent of a 1v1 player, what I see is a group of kids who are not only learning to play well but are really enthusiastic about the learning process.

Natalie Wruck

My son Daunte has been training with Ian Mcclurg’s 1v1 soccer program for the past 5 years, he is now almost 11 years old.  My intentions for Daunte were to have him be developed by a top rated coach that will bring out the best in my sons abilities.   The skills he has learned with Ian have exceeded my expectations and what I like most is the freedom for creativity and positivity from Ian.   Ian’s strict but fun program has built some core values In my son that will last a life time.  He enjoys the constant challenges and improving his level of play.  Daunte continues to thrive  and excel  at 1v1  as he works towards a college scholarship or his dream of playing in Europe.  Thank you Ian for your continued encouragement and being the great trainer that you are.

Josh Outlaw

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Ian McClurg, Director of Coaching at 1v1 Soccer FC. My son, Liam Outlaw, has had the good fortune of being trained and developed under the strict overseeing of Ian for 3 years. Having recently returned from the Danone Nations Cup Finals in London, England, Liam had the opportunity to represent Canada on the international stage. Competing against soccer super powers Brazil, Spain, Argentina, along with several others, Liam was able to match up with the best in the world. Playing as a box-to-box central midfielder, many of Liam’s skills, developed and honed at 1v1 Soccer FC, were put on display for the world to see. I am pleased to be associated with Coach McClurg, and would highly recommend his academy and training methodology for soccer players of all ages”

Melanie Lerner

“Being a new comer to the world of 1v1, our son’s unparalleled drive for this incredible game has been reignited!!! After spending 5 mins last fall in the skills training class, we knew that this was what learning this game was all about.  Thank you for you passion and commitment!”

Cesare Ciavarro

Prior to discovering Academy soccer, both our sons had the opportunity to play locally at the City and/or Rep level. It was quite apparent that key essential aspects of development, discipline and unbiased training were all lacking. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before we were introduced to Ian McClurg and 1V1 soccer. We are honoured to have our children be a part of his organization and represent 1V1 in a well organized SAAC league. As our boys are now beginning their second and third seasons with Ian’s program respectively, we can quickly appreciate how the quality of their development, the transition of their mental awareness, their mindset, and the ability for them to predict and read the game are all evolving exponentially and are becoming more natural. Ian’s certification level and coaching insight are evident not only on and off the field, but his knowledge of the game becomes transparent almost instantly in every practice and during competitions. In my mind, Mr. McClurg is truly a gentleman, a fantastic coach, and an excellent role model for our family and for the development of basic fundamental skills that will help young players understand and appreciate the World’s best sport. His credentials, history in the sport and brilliant resume speak for themselves. Thanks once again to Ian McClurg and the 1v1 staff for making soccer fun again.

Paul Challen, author and 1 v 1 parent.

When Ian McClurg told me he was writing a book on soccer, I was interested but skeptical. After all, as an author of more than 30 books myself, lots of people tell me they’re writing one, that’s the last I ever hear of it. But, consistent with his approach to soccer (and life in general), Ian got organized and did it. This book has something for everyone interested in developing successful young soccer players — parents, coaches, and of course, players themselves — wrapped up in Ian’s unique philosophy and wit. As the father of two young players committed to “playing the 1 v 1 way” I can recommend this book to anyone who wants an engaging guide to developing better players, boosting a passion for the game, and building an appreciation for “the beautiful game.”


Meghan Hughes

As a former player of Ian’s I will say this. I made his U-14 provincial squad as a striker. He had faith in my skills and taught me from scratch the important position of left back. Being young and wanting to only score goals, I at first objected. But Ian has an eye for skills in young players like no coach I’ve ever had. Through his coaching and motivation, I was able to make the squad that was sent to the Nationals that year, and started every game at left back. We went on to win gold against Quebec. An experience I will never forget. What I’m saying is this: don’t close doors on your child’s development because you think they should be at a certain position or they should be playing at a certain age. Ian has only the best interests of your child in mind and wants to see his or her skills develop into full potential.

Matthew Ciavarro

As an 11 year old, I have great respect for Coach Ian. He is the best coach primarily for 2 reasons: training and succeeding. He has turned me in to be a mindful, spiritual, and technical player. I look forward to our trip together to the Wolves elite camp next spring, which under his guidance, I have trained very hard to earn a spot in. Thanks again to my coach for continuously teaching me to be a better player and person.

Eva Challen

Before training with Ian, I was training with teams that had little or no emphasis on technical soccer. None of my other coaches had the same level of knowledge and/or enthusiasm about the game of soccer that Ian brings to each and every session. Every session is different and challenging, and players learn something new from each one. 1v1 players learn to play a more European-style of soccer (very technical, and not always focused on results) which has really helped me to improve my game. I am looking to play University soccer in the US after high school, and hopefully professionally after that, and Ian’s training is putting me on the right course

William Ratelband

“The training is really intense but Ian and the coaches always still find a way to make it fun.”

Anand Sergeant

‘Ian has played a key role in helping me get closer to my goal of playing overseas.   He has shown me the intensity needed to  compete at a high level,   he has helped me develop a better touch, and has given me opportunities to get exposure in Europe and the US.’

Henry Challen

1 v 1 training is a great environment and a great way to work on your skills. I recommend working with Ian to any player who is looking to improve their skills and further their love of the game.