NEW – Online Training Program

Online Training

UEFA A Licensed Coach Ian McClurg will Personally Oversee Your Training Program to Help Achieve Your Soccer Goals    

Recently, I spoke of the challenges facing Elite players in North America in comparison to their counterparts in professional academies in Europe.


The performance gaps are widening because young North American players have limited access to qualified coaches. In Spain there is one A and B UEFA coach for every 27 players and in Canada it is estimated that there is one A or B licensed coach for every 865 players!

Another challenge is the number of training hours. Young players in Europe are typically training 15-20 hours/week from the U12 level and above.

We are offering the NEW online academy services to young, motivated Elite players who are dedicated to continuous performance improvements.

The program is designed to cover all four areas of soccer performance – technical, tactical, mental and physical and players will be required to commit to 1 hour of additional training per day.

trainerize v3.0

Daily access to your own UEFA “A”  licensed skills instructor 

The program will include video and technical skills instruction of our proven training program. The program will be accessible online and will be delivered right to your smart phone or ipad.




The program provides 365 additional training hours per year, which over a 10 year cycle can provide players with over 36 % of their 10,000 training hours!

I look forward to working with you to set measurable soccer goals, provide you with a proven 30 day training plan to achieve meaningful results and providing you with meaningful feedback to accelerate your soccer development