Performance Improvement Tip # 30: Use your phone….and maximize your potential

trainerize-image-2-0In recent weeks several professional coaches have spoke up or taken actions against players being on their phones excessively. Pep Guardiola at Manchester City has removed Wi-Fi from Manchester City’s training group after allegedly coming across a player on his cell phone in the treatment room. Similarly, Mansfield Town Manager Adam Murray has banned cell phone usage at his club
“I don’t like the amount of time people spend on their phones around the football club. They (the players) don’t talk and then they expect to go into an environment where you have to talk and it will just happen.” Read More

US College coach Mike Gundy believes that the standard of play at the US College level across all sports is being affected. He spoke out this week about the lack of preparation by todays young athletes coming into the college game and that the standard has suffered, during the last five years, because young athletes today are spending more and more time on their phones versus improving their sporting ability. Read More

Don’t be one of those players! Give yourself an advance over others by putting your time in on the training field. Daniel Coyle has written about forgetting about 10,000 hours and just focusing on 10 minutes/ day. Read More  By doing this, young players will benefit from their time spent with a ball and will gain tremendous advantages over other young players who do not put this time in.

We have actually utilized cell phone technology in order to increase the amount of time that our young players are spending on improving their technical skills. We have designed some video content that they can access on a daily basis, via their phones or iPad, so that they can follow their own training program at home, on their own schedule. The activities can be completed within a 5 m x 5 m area and incorporates a testing portion which provides the players with feedback on their progress. The sessions take about 20 minutes a day and we have also included some videos with information on game understanding, mental preparation and physical development so the players ae developing all four corners of their game – Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. Learn More
Our high intensity “deep practice” workout followed the following type of format and any young player can follow the following structure to achieve significant technical performance improvements:

2 mins: Warm-up: Free play with tennis ball or skipping

30 seconds: Fast footwork activity #1

90 seconds: Active rest – light ball work

30 seconds: Fast footwork activity #2

90 seconds: Active rest – light ball work

30 seconds: Fast footwork activity #3

90 seconds: Active rest – light ball work

30 seconds: Technical Test #1 & 2 (2 circuits)

90 seconds: Active rest – light ball work

*Circuit is completed twice

2 mins: Cool-down

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