Pathways to the Pro’s

1V1 Soccer are delighted to announce several new initiatives to provide young players in North America with a clearly defined pathway to train and play at European academies and then attend trials at professional clubs and pursue US Scholarship Opportunities.

As I have been advocating for many years, it is my belief that young North American players can compete at the highest levels. However, it is critical that they participate in the European development models as much as possible. There was a great article by US player Geoff Cameron recently that confirmed this.

There is no guarantees that players will receive professional opportunities by participating in any program but I believe this defined pathway does significantly increase the opportunities for ambitious and hard-working players both in Europe and for US Scholarship opportunities.

Each player participating will be tested against professional club academy standards and provided with a detailed plan on what skills to work on and what opportunities they should be taking advantage of on an annual basis. All players will work directly with me and performance will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Some of the opportunities available are:

1) We will be taking a combined U14/U13 team to Barcelona and Malaga in fall 2018 to train and play at the RCD Espanyol and Malaga Academies

2) As a second stage of this plan Global Image Sports have secured an invite to put a squad in one of the best youth tournaments in the world – the Mediterranean International Cup. This tournament attracts the top teams in the world like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Manchester City etc. I will be coaching the U14 Global Image Sports team in the tournament in 2019 and will be scouting U14 players for this team from across North America


3) We can now place players in professional clubs in the UK and players can attend 5 day trial programs. Over 20 scouts from professional clubs in England will be assessing the players. Players participating in this program must have access to EEC passports.

* Non-EEC players will have to wait until age 18 to attend trails in UK, Germany or Spain. However, this pathway will prepare them to be capable of reaching the required performance levels in Europe.

If you are a talented player, ambitious and committed to participating in a program that will allow you to match the training volume of academy players in Europe then  contact us immediately.