Measure, track and improve your technical skills with 1v1 Soccer FC

isoccer1v1 Soccer FC in Ancaster, ON, Canada is partnering with iSoccer to drive technical development to higher standards in Canada. isoccer’s unique measurement system will be paired with our “proven and progressive coaching curriculum” accurately measure, track and improve our players technical abilities. These results will be shared with players on a regular basis and compared to the scores of other players worldwide. How Does iSoccer Work?

Measure: Assessing a player’s technical ability is the cornerstone of the iSoccer Method of individual player development. To empower the player and team so that they know how good they are technically and know their base level, iSoccer developed an assessment test.

Track: The assessment results provide insights into a player’s technical ability helping to identify specific strengths and weaknesses towards which training can be targeted. Over time, historical data highlights the efficacy of training efforts and provides a roadmap for ongoing development.

Improve: A player’s iSoccer Level is the basis for setting goals and designing an efficient and effective training program. Deliberately focus your training on the areas where you need improvement while continuing to develop your strengths. This is when a player needs to get outside and make it happen. iSoccer doesn’t replace training, it enhances training. Armed with the knowledge of his or her unique strengths and weaknesses, each player can maximize the efficiency of their training to see the greatest possible improvement in their game.


The iSoccer Assessment is a test that measures an individual player’s overall technical ability. The assessment is comprised of 16 skills across a range of 7 topics (Comfort, Juggling, Dribbling, First Touch and Passing, Aerial Control, Ball Striking, and Speed-Strength-Flexibility). Each skill represents the most basic and fundamental ability required for a player to have a strong technical foundation