Individual Player Development – 5 Tips on how to accelerate your learning  and increase your performance

I have borrowed the 5 bullet Friday idea from one of my favourite performance leaders, Tim Ferris.

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Technical Training:  Practice by yourself – take ownership of your learning process

We have advocated in previous articles about technical development being the foundation of a young players learning. Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal Manager who has helped develop exciting young players such as Cesc Fabregas, outlined this in an interview many years ago that the development of a young player is like building a house and that the foundation must be built – based on technical development.

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Tactical Training – Learn different positions

One of the challenges we face in North America is our tendency to place young players in specific positions at young ages. Typically, coaches will place children in positions based on physical size, level of aggression, speed and technical ability.

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Physical Preparation – include yoga in your weekly training plan

Yoga can help soccer players to improve flexibility, strength and endurance. You can also improve agility and concentration by practicing yoga. Ryan Giggs played at the highest level for Manchester United until he was 39. He attributes his longevity to practicing yoga and has released a DVD of his program which is available online

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Mental Preparation – Be Smarter than other players

Men’s Health magazine reported in 2012 that research by Predrag Petrovic (PhD and lead researcher at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm) concluded that soccer players score within the top 2 to 5 per cent of the population when tested on memory, multitasking and creativity.

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Are you looking to train, play and attend professional trials in Europe?

Many young players in North America aspire to play soccer professionally and pursue US Scholarship Opportunities.

However, too many train sporadically and are not training 10+ hours/week to match the training volume of academy players in Europe. In addition, many do not have the opportunity to work with UEFA qualified coaches. In Spain, there is 1 UEFA licensed coach (A or B) for very 27 players ! In North America, there is only one A or B licensed coach for every 865 players!

Since 2000, 1v1 Soccer FC has successfully trained and arranged training and trial opportunities in Europe. Our most successful graduate, Matt Roberts, is currently at Swansea City academy and trained with the first team last week in the teams preparation for the Arsenal game.

I was a young trialist myself back in 1985 with Swindon Town in England and that experience plus the professional club connections that I have developed in my coaching journey allows us to provide our young players with unique training and trial opportunities.

How can you impress scouts at a trial? Learn from former professional player and manager Gus Poyet –

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Embrace Hard Work in all your training sessions & games this week. Hard Work beats talent ……when talent doesn’t work hard!