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Technical Training – Supplement Team Training with Individual Training

Several studies have confirmed that the number of hours of “deliberate practice” play a greater role in the development of young players that go on to play at higher levels, rather than innate talent.

A positive linear relationship was found between accumulated individual plus team practice time and the level of skill when a group of international, national and provincial players were assessed. ( Helsen, W., Hodges N.J., Winckel, J. & Starkes, J., (2000) Journal of Sports Science)

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Tactical Training – Be Prepared to press, persist and possess

The modern game is one of flexibility. The game is more fluid than ever and the top teams now deploy “inverted full-backs and wingers”, false number 9s and ball-playing goalkeepers to deal more effectively with retaining possession and winning it back quickly. The game today resembles more and more the sport of basketball where the winning team typically is the one that has managed transitions between attack/defence better.

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Physical Preparation – The Importance of Sleep for Optimal Performance

One of the main challenges of young players in North America is ensuring that they are getting enough sleep for optimal performance. Academic demands at school can be high, the North American lifestyle of families is typically fast-paced and many young players are training late at night, too often and are not getting sufficient sleep. The ability to scan the field of play, process information quickly and make good decisions are essential attributes for top players. A lack of sleep can severely limit this ability and impair the pace of development.

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Mental Preparation – Dare to Dream

During last summer, I was fortunate to travel to France to watch Northern Ireland play in the 2016 Euros. We over-achieved as a small country of only 1.8 million people. The team successfully navigated through a tough qualifying group containing Germany, Poland and the Ukraine to reach the last 16? Why does a small nation like Northern Ireland hold the record as the smallest nation to win a game at the World Cup finals? How can we be ranked as high as 26 in the FIFA world rankings? The players dared to dream!

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A Motivational Video from Anthony Robbins

High Performance coach Tony Robbins has identified hunger as the main trait that separates the best in sports from the rest. Do you have a relentless desire to reach higher levels and when you reach those are you willing to push on to reach even higher levels?

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