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Since I began 1v1 Soccer FC in 2000, I have discovered three main obstacles that are preventing young North American players from becoming world class!

Canada and the US (combined population 355 million) have not produced a world class outfield player capable of playing at the highest levels of the game.

There are three main obstacles preventing this:

1) Quality of coaching – in Spain there is 1 UEFA A or B licensed coach for every 27 players, in North America there are 865 players for every A or B licensed coach

2) Technical ability – this is the most limiting factor on what level a player ends up playing at. That is why at 1v1 Soccer we spend the most time on this! As Arsene Wenger famously said “If you have no technical skill by 14 you can forget it, you will never be a football player”

3) Training mentality – young players in academies in Europe are training 12-15 hours/week after age 12! Our players are typically training 5-8 hours/week and many do not continually develop their skills during the main part of the season. They mistakenly believe that playing games = development!

1v1 Soccer FC is an individual player soccer training and pathways company – we improve the performance levels of individual players and provide them with opportunities to play at higher levels.

During the last few weeks we have began to significantly reduce pricing and provide more flexible training schedules so more players can take advantage of our training services

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