What is Playing the 1v1 Way!

Skill – Our players should be technically capable in all situations on the field
Creativity – Our players should be capable of applying new methods to solve soccer problems on the field
Vision – Our players should have the ability to paint pictures and initiate the next correct pattern of play
Passion – Our players must demonstrate a deep love of the game

It is generally accepted that in the future the best players will be those who can excel in a fast paced environment with even greater demands on technique, tactical understanding and physical conditioning.

Players today are faster and cover greater distances than previous generations. Passing combinations are faster and there is an increased importance on controlling possession. More goals are scored through quick counter-attacking play and decision-making is of critical importance.

We have developed a training model to successfully prepare young players to excel within the modern game. Playing the 1v1 Way is based on:

“Superior technical skills development to creatively play with  vision and passion for the game”

There are key cornerstones that we have used to develop our model and are central to our success:

The player must be placed at the central point of learning! Our focus must always remain on the technical, tactical, physical and mental development of the individual player.

We are an individual skills development company that places emphasis on development of the individual. We emphasize individual creativity and game intelligence of our individual players over regimented team structures and team results

We have a long-term vision with respect to developing young players. It does take 10,000 hours to develop an elite athlete and we try to attract young players and families who recognize and are committed to this long-term approach.

Play the 1v1 way layered approach