5-Bullet Friday: Individual Player Development Tips on how to Accelerate your Performance Process

I have borrowed the 5 bullet Friday idea from one of my favourite performance leaders, Tim Ferris. You can subscribe to  these weekly individual player performance tips here


Technical Training – Never Stop Learning

Even the best players in the world continue to improve their performance levels with individual sessions. Here are some individual training videos of Lionel Messi and some video analysis clips to learn how to adapt technical skills in game situations

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Training Exercise for the Week. 4 touches with insides , 1 touch with outside. Play Video


Tactical Training – Become a student of the game

Young players should be encouraged to go to as many live games as possible. If attending live games is not possible then with TV and Internet coverage, young players can watch an enormous amount of soccer from overseas to improve their understanding of the game.

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Physical Preparation – Are you as fit as a Premier League Footballer

How do you compare and what types of physical fitness benchmarks should you in aiming to achieve in your performance cycle

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Mental Preparation – Develop a Growth Mindset

The varied tactical approach’s of the modern game demands players who are more flexible in their thinking and willing to embrace change. Today, top teams restructure their tactical approach many times during the course of a game and “intelligent” players who can identify challenges on the field and provide effective solutions will thrive. The modern player will literally be required to “think on their feet” and embrace and thrive during change.

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How can North American Players become World Class? A Case Study – Christian Pulisic

North America’s first young player to have the potential to be among the best in the world was recently profiled on 60 minutes. Christian Pulisic has benefited from training and playing outside the mainstream system in North America

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Embrace Hard Work in all your training sessions & games this week. Hard Work beats talent ……when talent doesn’t work hard!